Since forming 2 and a half years ago, The Yirdbards have had some nice radio airplay and lots of kind reviews and comments. Please also visit our Facebook page if you would like to see further comments or add something yourself!

Tracks from "Where the Thorn Trees Grow" have been played on:

BBC Radio 2, BBC Radio 3, BBC Wales, BBC Radio Glouceser, as well as other local and community radio stations

Thumbs up in FRoots Magazine

Subtly pleasing second helping from Devizes’ self-styled ‘earth poets’ ( Paul Darby , Patrick Randall, Verity Sharp), continuing their mission to reconnect us with the land – without over-preaching, gently but effectively, through a careful choice of contemporary songs ( mostly by local writers, with three Paul Metsers covers)

Bob Harris, BBC Radio 3

Strong and true......

Frank Hennessey, Celtic Heartbeat, BBC Wales

..........wonderful warm glow of an acoustic sound.........


Thank you so very much to the Yirdbards for their contribution to our musical evening last night. We all enjoyed your pieces, as evinced by the enthuastic applause of the adience, and I was so glad that you were able to sell some of our C.D.'s afterwards - my daughter bought one of your earlier ones as well as the more recent one! Please pass on my thanks to Paul and Patrick - I have tried to e-mail Paul in the past, but have had them returned, so I must have the wrong address.
Just wanted to send a word of thanks to the Yirdbards. Lots of people have said to me how much they enjoyed your pieces in the concert last night, so I wanted to pass that on. You were great, and really added to the success of the evening.


And thank you also for the contribution from the sale of your CDs - much appreciated.
Many thanks for your card and the CD. We have listened to it several times and each time new layers of music and words come out. It is beautifully arranged, performed and recorded. Of the songs I particularly like the Paul Metsers stuff. The instrumentals are really great too. You are in good voice and Verity seems to have a lot more input that in the last CD too - I like that. Anyway terrific, thanks for sending it to us! Chums from York
Many thanks for the latest musical offering – as expected, brilliant. Really enjoyed the Paul Metser songs, and an excellent take of White Horse Hill, and a fabulous Robin Song ... in fact, all of it!
Hi Paul many thanks for a great night, you and your band were superb you have a lovely personality, great voice, and a terrific band, I have had various calls and emails saying what a great night and asking when am I going to book you again so it might have to be next year, thanks again.
(Phil on behalf of the B-O-A folk club)